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How To Help

Working together for a good cause

The fire crisis of 2019/2020 brought us together with our good friends at ARC (Animal Rescue Cooperative) and our charity partner Mini Kitty Commune (MKC), to take on something that had never been done before. We took on the task of supporting our threatened wildlife on a national scale. We were able to provide a massive 70 tonnes of feed per fortnight, to sites scattered from Cairns to Tasmania, so as to enable animals survive. Today, those that survived still need ongoing support, as the process of rehabilitation is a long one. Until the animals can live off the land once more, our task is incomplete. This means that we desperately need ongoing support from people like ‘you’ to provide carers with critical supplies.



We do not coordinate vet care directly but the following organisations do, and we encourage you to engage and register with them.

Vets Beyond Borders has an Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team (AVERT) where you can register to volunteer.

Our Community

Want to be part of the action? Join The Rescue Collective Community to meet the team, get involved & stay up to date with current projects, volunteering and activity.

Become a member!

Membership is available on a variety of different levels including: volunteer, group, carer & corporate. Membership for the 2020/21 financial year will be available from May 31st.