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Wildlife Work

The droughts & fires of 2019/2020 created some of the most devastating times ever for our wildlife here in Australia. Through our support work with the animals during this time, we quickly learnt that there was little to no support for the wildlife rescues or carers in our country. No help for those who take care of the most vulnerable creatures in our country i.e., those without a voice, and those without a choice. Our insatiable greed for cleared land and burgeoning infrastructure has already put many species into the extinct category, and unless be start to break our bad habits, more and more species will become endangered. Can anyone imagine Australia without the koala bear?

We help wildlife groups and carers by providing support with feed, formulae, supplements, bedding, enclosures, ICU units, medical and first aid supplies and other resources. This allows for better results in the rehabilitation process and increases the ability for carers to aid animals without experiencing financial stress.
We also assist in providing feeding stations in areas where animals affected by fire and/or drought, have nothing left to eat. When everything is gone, it’s up to all of us to collectively come together and to support them. Between December 2019 and March 2020, we dropped significant tonnes of macropod pellets, wild bird seed, chaff and hay to starving animals in fire zones across Australia. From Bundaberg to Kangaroo Island & everywhere it between, we were there to put food in the mouths of those that needed it.