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Let's make a difference; Collectively.

Based in Brisbane, we provide a collective community environment in which people like you can get involved in supporting domestic animal rescue and wildlife rescue around Australia.

We provide convenient and easy ways in which you can donate, as well as a Wishlist of supplies needed, suitable for any budget that wants to help.  From a box of tissues to a pallet of feed, every donation is so greatly appreciated and will go to the greater good of the animals in our country. No donation is ‘too small’.  If everyone makes just the smallest donation, together, all those donations can do GREAT things.

Only together, collectively, can we make a real difference, and that is what The Rescue Collective is all about. Through working together, sharing resources, networking and the sourcing of supplies and donations though the people in our community, we aim to support all facets of animal rescue.


Association Update

The Annual General Meeting will be held on the 31st of October at 10:00am via Zoom. 


2020 Management Committee Nominations for the Association are as follows:


President – Nicole Blums

Secretary – Gail Gartshore

Secretary – Colleen Blums (Declined)

Treasurer – Melissa Heynatz


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